Stay away from the cold weather with our thermal underwear collection.

Smart thermal fabrics lock your body heat so you stay warm even in the harshest winter conditions.

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Founded in 1924 by Hüseyin Küçükaslan, Thermal Underwear company in a short period of time became Turkey's leading brand in underwear clothing. Manufacturer of wool, thermal and cotton underwear, shapers, bamboo shapers, socks, pajamas and boxer types & with up to 30 knitting machines, producing its own needs of fabrics in house. With its employees and executives who have adopted innovation; working without sacrificing customer satisfaction and quality is the fundamentals of the company's understanding of service.


Warmth - Thermal underwear regulates body temperature, keeping you warm and dry. The weight of the fabric determines the temperature level provided by the underwear.

Flexibility - Thermal fabric tends to stretch uniformly. It is a fabric with 4-way stretch.

Bacteria Resistance - Does not hold bacteria so it can stay clean for a long time.

Sheer Touch - Low density textures in the fabric allow the garment to retain its shape while trapping air between layers. They retain body heat and prevent cold from reaching your body.

Moisture Wicking - When choosing thermal underwear, moisture wicking is important because the purpose of wearing thermal underwear is to stay warm and dry.

The thermal protection property of a base layer is significantly reduced when external moisture or sweat gets wet. The body tends to lose heat more quickly during the resting phase following physical activity, and the wet base layer can further lower body temperature, resulting in hypothermia. Thermal underwear prevents this from happening.

Thermal underwear is a two-piece garment that is worn as a bottom and top to keep the body warm in wind, fog, sleet or harsh snow. This garment is normally long to the feet and long sleeved to the ankles and is worn by direct skin contact. It traps body heat to provide warmth to the body. The two pieces of the thermal suit are independent of each other, so you can choose to wear the top or bottom as per need

Thermal underwear is normally long to the feet and long sleeves to the ankles, but it does not appeal to women who love to wear dresses such as short undershirts and short sleeve blouses. But now, Halis Termal creates different styles that fit well with any garment. There is now the option to choose short undershirts and sleeveless thermal underwear. It is a great way for professional women to stay comfortably warm where they cannot wear long sleeves jackets or blouses. Men can also wear short sleeves or sleeveless thermal clothing under casual clothes such as T-shirts.

Both natural and synthetic fabrics are used to produce thermal underwear. Wool and cotton fabrics have long been used to produce clothing for the winter season because these natural materials have excellent strength to keep warmth. Today, synthetics such as polypropylene, polyester and nylon are also used. However, most thermal suits are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic fabrics. 100% natural wool and cotton clothes absorb moisture and when sweaty wet clothes remain on the skin for a long time, it causes people to become sick again. For this reason, thermal fabric mixtures resulting from scientific research and development studies trap moisture and dry instantly. The garment doesn't stay wet and keeps people warm.

It should be light.

It should be comfortable and flexible.

It should fit actively, meaning it should fit easily under a shirt and a pair of trousers.

It should help regulate body temperature.

1. Protection against cold weather conditions

Currently, thermals are available for warm, moderate and extreme weather conditions. All you have to do is choose the right fabric to protect against cold weather. That way, you save yourself the burden of wearing too many layers every time you want to go out. You can choose any outfit to wear over the thermals.

2. Delicate Touch and Lightness of Wear

Wearing multiple layers at the same time limits your body in many ways. Sweat makes you feel wet and you can't do anything about it. Also, multiple layers restrict your hand and body movement.

On the contrary, thermals provide sweat-wicking properties as well as comfortable body movement. The flexibility of the material gives you the freedom to move your hands, legs and shoulders.

3. Outdoor Activities Are More Comfortable

Thermal comfortably takes the shape of your body. Since it is a light material, it does not allow you to feel weight on you. For this reason, you can choose thermal clothing to stay warm and comfortable during intense activities.

If you are interested in outdoor sports such as skiing, mountaineering and these, thermals are a must in winter. They keep you warm and convert sweat. Thus, no matter how cold it is outside, it can comfortably enjoy outdoor activities.

4. Keeps Your Body Heat Always

Thermals are designed to protect against different heat losses.

Whichever reason suits you better, thermals are essential for everyone in your home. So buy high-quality thermals for yourself and other members of your home. Halis thermals have the quality, size, weight and reliability you desire.

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